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Post Bonethrasher

When you zone in, you'll fight through a few packs of champion-level mobs. No problem if you have two tanks; have your main tank gather up 2 of the mobs and have your off-tank take the others. Burn down the ones your MT is on, then the ones your OT is on. As far as we could tell, the trash dropped no loot but there are some droids that can be scavenged.

The only pack that may give some difficulty is the one right before the boss; there's a smuggler character hiding in the back that throws out heals. One of the mobs also has a "don't stand in the bad" bomb.

The Fight

The first time you start the encounter, you'll get dropped in with four elite cats that you have to kill, then Bonethrasher will spawn.

Bonethrasher has no aggro table as far as we could tell. Instead he will randomly chase people around and periodically do a huge frontal cleave. However, the cleave can be avoided. The animation for the cleave leadup is quite noticeable; he also stops dead-on when he's about to cast it. As a result, the best strategy is to be behind Bonethrasher as much as possible, and also to spread as far away from whoever is being chased. Also, as he has no aggro table, tanks should consider respeccing into a DPS role.

Periodically, "food" mobs will spawn with a glowing red beam on them. These should be burned down quickly; otherwise, Bonethrasher will get a brief damage buff. They are just standard mobs and are very easy to kill.

Bonethrasher has a few other abilities he spams throughout the fight; one stuns and damages one player, the other throws the entire group up. The latter ability will throw you off the boss's platform if you're too close to the edge, so beware. Best strategy is to stand on the "dirt" area and not on the metallic rim.

At 50% he will spawn two adds, a spider and a cat. These have a aggro charts as normal. They can be fairly easily off-tanked and burned down.

Bonethrasher does do a soft enrage; seemed about 5 minutes. However, the enrage can be fought through as he shouldn't be damaging the raid too much anyway. He will hard enrage and one-shot everyone a minute or two after the soft enrage.

The Loot

For us, he dropped two Columi (Tier 2 PVE) headpiece tokens, two Biometric Crystal Alloys for crafting, a purple 400 armormech schematic, and a headpiece (nontoken). The headpieces were pre-assigned to certain looters; we rolled for the Alloys.

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Post Re: Bonethrasher
Since there is no Aggro table for this guy, I will be playing "GUARD ROULETTE" during the fight.

Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:25 pm
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Post Re: Bonethrasher
A couple of things:

1. Loot was "preassigned?" What's the deal here?

2. Are you able to respect quickly, cheaply, and "in the wild?"

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Post Re: Bonethrasher
So whats the whole preassigned thing?

Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:46 am
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Post Re: Bonethrasher
Everyone in the raid gets loot on Normal/Hard mode operations. This loot is random though. You will either get Tionese Commendations or you will get an Unassembled Columi piece which can be used to buy that piece of gear.

I did this fight last night with a guild that invited me. I thought they were doing it on Hard Mode so I figured why not. One thing I noticed that should help people is that if he comes after you run along the outside of the arena (not to close to the edge though) and then run back between his legs. When I did this he never hit me with a swipe or even tried to pound me into the ground. His aggro would go on to the next person. This should help with people taking damage that don't need to. He also does a raid wide pound. This will send all players into the air and they take a small amount of damage. Don't try to jump when he does this as it can cause your player to get stuck in the air and you can perform any actions that have a cast timer. Happened to me last night but at least he was at 2% HP when it happened.

The 2 elite mobs that spawn at below 50% can be CC'd. It's best to CC one and burn down the other one. For these all DPS need to burn them down. On the small normal mobs just have 1 or 2 DPS kill them as they only have like 5k HP. This way you can keep as much DPS on Bonethrasher as possible. He has a very strict enrage timer.

Also if you wipe to him be ready when you enter the next time. He does not reset all the way and is just standing in the middle of the arena. The best thing to do here is have the tank/tanks zone back in first to take the swipe. This way the entire raid is not starting the fight off at half health. Other than that the fight is pretty easy.

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