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Author:  Sinjynn [ Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  EQ2

For those looking for something to pass the time, just an FYI that EQ2 from now until the 15th of Oct are offering everyone new and old, one free "Heroic Character" That's a level 85 character of your choice, with bags/weps/armor etc and a flying mount. They have also removed the restrictions on f2p accounts vs subs. They didn't used to let F2P use epic and higher level gear, but that has been removed. Pretty much the only thing Sub accounts have over F2P is a decent xp boost and coin per mob boost. While i'm not currently playing EQ2, I am going to take advantage of making the free 85 (max level is currently 95). I have gone back and forth to EQ2 over the last couple years and it's still pretty interesting. If nothing else, you'll have an 85 if you decided to play, and could use it to farm lower level dungeons for cash for the real character you wanted to play. Like I said, I'm not currently playing, but my current crop of characters are on the Freeport server if anyone gets froggy. You could shoot a line here and i'm sure I could get back into it.

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