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Brings back memories 
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Post Brings back memories ... relic-raid
The new relic system that was introduced with patch 1.112 was put to test several times during the long weekend. After several fights raging back and forth, Keeps changing ownership, and several heroes slain, Sunday night witnessed the first successful raid after the patch. We saw massive clashes between the armies of all three realms, but in the end it was Albion who brought home Lug's Spear of Lightning.

While we are preparing a video of this historic event, here is the battle report for you to enjoy:

The forces of Albion launched an offensive on Hibernia. When the forces of Midgard received word of the incursion, they dispatched a formidable force to assault the weakened Hibernian position. Albion captured the beachhead keep of Dun Crauchon, then moved to secure Dun Crimthainn to establish a foothold from which to launch an effective attack.

The forces of Midgard laid siege to and captured the coastal keeps of Dun Bolg and Dun da Behnn. With the 80% of the Elite Envoys which protect the Relic eliminated, the invading forces pressed their advantage and began putting pressure on the Keeps housing Hibernia's sacred Relics.

Midgard began the assault on Dun Ailinne, made short work of the outer door, bested the remaining Elite Envoys and, with their superior numbers destroyed the Inner Keep Gate. They took the fight to the Lord Room where they fought valiantly against Chieftain Scathaig, a most worthy opponent. The fight was intense, but the Midgard forces were strong enough to bring the Keep Lord to his knees. When he was at death's door, where one final blow would have sufficed to end him, a solitary figure appeared in the doorway to the Lord Room. A Druid of Hibernia! From the natural magic imbued into the lands of Hibernia, this fearless Druid channeled a spell of instant healing onto the beleaguered Chieftain Scathaig. The Lord of the Keep felt life and strength within him again. The fighters of Midgard turned to the doorway to see this figure standing there, then another. Soon a massive force of Hibernian defenders poured into the Lord Room and a bloody engagement ensued. The forces of Midgard, caught off their guard, fell back to the safety of the roof, but it was too late. The Hibernian defenders hewed them to the ground, leaving a path of death in their wake. The Hibernians snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, but the Midgard invaders would not forget...

Summoning the strength of the old Gods, the forces of Midgard rallied once again and set their sights on the Hibernian Power Relic Keep of Dun Scathaig. By this time, the forces of Albion had claimed lordship over Dun nGed which left the Relic Keeps without a single Elite Envoy for protection. The fighting began at Dun Scathaig and the forces of Midgard made their way to the Courtyard, and battered down the Inner Keep gate. The fighting grew intense as the Hibernian defenders were pushed in, only to rally and push the invaders back out onto the walls and battlements. A cry was heard: "Albion forces along the west wall!!" Confusion set in; the Midgard forces found themselves surrounded while the forces of Hibernia struggled to defend their Relic against two invading realms. A small contingent of Hibernians reclaimed Dun Scathaig Watchtower and teleportation was re-established. The Hibernians poured into Dun Scathaig. The Midgard forces were cornered, and fought with honor until the last warrior had fallen.

The cunning leaders of the Albion battlegroup had sent a small force to Dun Scathaig as a diversion to cover their true plans.

The deception worked! The main Albion force had moved, undetected, to the Relic stronghold of Dun Ailinne. With no defenders and no Envoys left to protect the mighty Spear of Lightning, the Albion forces, led by the pious and courageous Friar Rescu, destroyed the Keep Defenses and dispatched Chieftain Ailinne. Lug's Spear of Lightning was removed from the Relic Keep.

Rescu and his Battlegroup moved north through Cruachan Gorge and held their course close to the western hills. They made their way past Dun nGed Spire then stopped to regroup at Dun Crimthainn.

The Albion forces, rested and regrouped, moved out of Dun Crimthain on their way to the Hibernian Bridgehead. Midgard forces! Incoming from the South! The Midgard ambush was effective in slaying many Albion fighters, but the Albions had the high ground, and the Relic carrier was able to make it to the safety of the Albion-owned Dun Crauchon Spire.

Rescu moved out to complete the journey to Albion across the Hibernian Bridgehead, but the road was still treacherous. A small host of brave Midgard fighters waylayed the Albion Battlegroup, and Rescu showed his Battlegroup that a worthy leader will fight alongside his brothers and sisters in arms. The Midgard host fell before the Battlegroup, but there, on the bridge! More foes of Albion! Still seething from the fight, the Albion Battlegroup protected its quarry and slew the Midgard attackers.

Now in Agramon, the Relic party sent out flankers and kept a sharp eye for ambush. They crossed through the Hibernian Mile gate and ventured through the evil wastes known as the Decayed Lands. Many weary fighters sighed with relief at the sight of the majestic Albion Milegate. Home and victory were near, but the air is thick with magic. Many sensed that they were not alone. Attack! The forces of Midgard descended upon them near the towering entrance to the Labyrinth on Agramon. They had not come this far only to be vanquished this close to home. The Albion fighters summoned what strength they had left and slaughtered the Midgard host.

Rescu departed the contested island of Agramon, and made his way into his home realm of Albion. Passing the mighty strongholds of Caer Benowyc and Caer Berkstead, the army headed east, then south towards their destination. The island keep of Caer Boldiam.

Home at last! The weary fighters entered the keep and gathered in the Lord Room for the ceremonial placement of the Relic. Rescu, transporter of the Relic and leader of the Battlegroup called upon a brother in arms, Solekwench to have the honor of the Relic Placement. Solekwench placed Lug's Spear of Lightning upon the Relic Pad in the Lord Room at Caer Boldiam, where it will sit, defended by the lives of Albion fighters, until the fall of the mighty stronghold.

At the moment, Albion is on the defense. Three keeps are already lost to the enemies and invaders from Midgard and Hibernia are roaming through the frontiers, looking for revenge.

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