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Level 50 characters that haven’t logged in past 5 Years..... 
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Post Level 50 characters that haven’t logged in past 5 Years.....
Level 50 characters that haven’t logged in within the past 5+ years will receive the following, un-tradable rewards:

    Elder’s Bounty Scroll – Gives the user 8,000 bounty points

    Elder’s Greater Insight Scroll – Gives an enormous chunk of Champion Level experience

    Atlantean Glass Trove – worth 10,000 Atlantean glass

    Champion Daemon Blood seal – worth 50 Daemon Blood seals

    Iterare Stone Cache – 5 full skill respec stones

    Induco Stone Cache – 5 realm ability respec stones

    King’s Star of Destiny – 1 Master Level respec stone

    A Draught of Supremacy, 2 Draughts of Omni-healing, and 2 Draughts of Omni-regen

    A full set of King’s armor, Exemplar weapon and jewelry that gets their character quickly in range of a competitive set of gear.

This quest line will both directly reward returning characters as well as guide them to some of the new content that will help them get back up to speed.

Haven’t transferred from the archived servers yet?
Don’t worry!
You’ll be teleported to the throne room after you have successfully transferred your character over to the Ywain or Gaheris server.

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, a new <Illustrious Merchant> NPC has been added in each throne room that sells updated weapons and jewelry, in exchange for bounty points, that when combined with the King’s Armor will give 101/101 stats, 26/26 resists, and 10/10 TOA bonuses to everything.

These weapons and jewelry are meant to be very competitive stat-wise with what’s available in the rest of the game but do not have the same quality of /uses or procs as other items.

Returning characters who don’t have an updated set of gear can quickly focus on earning these items while they work on their customized gear template!

Existing characters may also find some useful items on this new merchant. Happy hunting!

In conjunction with this Returning Player Journey, the Knights of the Roundtable program is hard at work with gear templating guides for each class in the game. These will be added to the website in the coming weeks!

MORE AT..... ... atch-notes

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