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Might be out for a bit as well 
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Post Might be out for a bit as well
So last night was fun, until my CPU took a dump on me. Started getting all sorts of graphical problems when starting the machine and sometimes it just doesn't start. Gonna take me a bit to figure out what is wrong and get it working.

If you have any computer knowledge, i will describe whats going on below, help out if can, otherwise I will see you when i can get back.

I have a higher than average cpu experience, but certainly not a tech support total knowledge type of person, so any help with my thinking here is appreciated.

So, it started last night with a big WAR crash, got back in game, and had a lock up again. Rebooted, and was loading game again, when the monitor just went into stand-by mode. Tried a couple more reboots, and started to get some strange text characters early in boot sequence, when the bios is just getting things started. I think it was suppose to be showing a boot picture from the company at that point, but it came up as text. when loading windows, I had about 4-5 columns of a blue text character, I think it was something similar to a ~. Once into windows (Vista 32 btw) I had nearly horizontal lines of a similar character across the screan. This line was blue on a black background and yellow on a white background, but was always there overlaying my screen.

So thinking that things could just be overheating, i let it sit for the night, but the problems were still there in the morning, and more often the cpu would lock up on boot when it was starting to lad windows.

So to safe mode i went, the cpu starts perfectly fine in safe mode. So i think to my self, ok, lets just try a system restore, I take it back one week, and boots totally fine. for about 1 minute, then some of the other programs started to initialize, and the lines came back and the monitor shut off again. I did notice the lines first appeared on my bottom task bar, and around the mouse pointer, and would follow the mouse around. then it went all over.

So here are my thoughts,
1. Video card is burning out
2. Virus
3. Drivers just all messed up
4. anything from motherboard to ram. (hopefully not)

I was thinking about starting with trying out a new video card, i can always return it if that don't work. Otherwise i am thinking about doing a system wipe and reinstall. I hate doing this, but might be necessary. Of course i also need to do a virus scan to work that out.

Anyone else have a better idea of where to start with this? If this topic should go to the cpu discussion, i can put it there too.

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Post Re: Might be out for a bit as well
That's some crazy shit man.. There's quite a few things that could cause that to happen.
Either hardware or software could be a problem. Just because it boots up fine in Safe mode
doesn't really cut out any of the problems it potentially could be.

Virus sounds kinda iffy. 90% of Virus' that you could possibly get don't really harm the
computer in that sort of way. Though it's possible it could be a virus that is overwritting the
Windows REG. or even Drivers. But for it to work sometimes or even partially seems odd if it
were a virus.

Memory, either Ram or HDD could be the problem.. I'd check the RAM and do a scandisk on the
HDD to make sure they're ok.

MoBo could have an issue with Mem banks or even the Vid card/components.. But this would
be VERY unlikely.. Maybe just keep this in mind if all else fails.

If you have onboard video the easiest thing to do would be to enable it and remove the vid
card and see if things work ok. If they do at least you can narrow the problem to the
card/slot/drivers.. If you don't have onboard Video you can either use an old vid card or buy a
really really cheap PCI one (good to have for diagnostic purposes)

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